Meet the Team

  • dr singla
    Dr. Shikher Singla DVM

    Dr. Shikher Singla is a general practitioner and co-owner.

  • dr fady
    Dr. Fady Baskharon DVM

    Dr. Fady is a graduate of Alexandria Egypt 2007, BVSc. He enjoys working with cats, dogs and equines. He enjoys dentistry. His favorite animal is a Donkey and wishes to have one some day. He has an awesome sense of humor and is an awesome DVM.

  • dr rajeev
    Dr. Rajeev Mishra DVM

    I was brought up in a village in Nepal where farm animals are part of a family. As a kid, we were allowed to watch day-to-day farm activities but were not allowed to get involved. As we grew up, I got an opportunity to pursue Veterinary science from the college of veterinary science Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Ludhiana, Punjab, India. I graduated from vet school in 2015 and earned a master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2017. I worked for a corporate veterinary practice in New Delhi for a year. While working as a veterinary doctor in India, I got a Research Assistant opportunity from the Department of Animal Science at the University of Hawaii in 2019. While studying at the University of Hawaii, I started my ECFVG certification procedure. Following the completion of ECFVG certification, I joined the Ocean Avenue Veterinary Hospital family in August 2022. As a veterinarian, I think veterinary facilities should be available for everyone. In my free time, I like to drive to new places and try new food.

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